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Cold Storage

We provide two range of temperatures with both air and dry fog systems. This allows us to preserve products to perfection until they are picked up or delivered.


Currently we offer consolidation services from Ecuador, Colombia, Guatemala, Costa Rica, PerĂº, Central America and the US.

Cross Docking

We unload your perishables from incoming trucks, sort, combine and load them into outbound trailers with little or no storage time.

Domestic Distribution

Our Los Angeles facility offers distribution services of a radius 150 miles from the Los Angeles International airport.

Forced Air Cooling

We offer seven forced-air forced cooling tunnels in Los Angeles and Miami. This gives us the capability to manage a great concentration of volume at the same time.


All products are handled with the highest standards. Our main goal in the handling process is to provide timely and efficient deliveries. Our facilities located in Miami and Los Angeles allow us to cover both coasts and be able to provide unbeatable customer service.

Hydro Cooling

Each facility has a hydro cooler especially designed to manage products that need to cooled with water or rehydrated after long periods of travel.

Quality Inspections

Our well trained employees inspect all products to the highest standards. We offer product pictures and online arrival status for your convenience.

Refrigerated Trucking

All products arriving to Miami or Los Angeles are immediately transferred to refrigerated trucks and sent to our facilities. We are continuously monitoring truck temperatures to ensure the safe arrival of your goods.


In rare cases of poor quality or inventory issues, we have a USDA Inspections team that can repack products efficiently and with maximum care.

USDA Inspections

Having a US Custom bonded warehouse permits us to offer our customers the ability to have inspections completed in our staging area. This also allows us to request overtime to clear urgent shipments after hours and on weekends.

Online Information

We have developed online tools such as inventory and quality control reports to
keep customers informed at all times.